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The journey of transformation we envision for our audience commences the moment they step onto the stage. Yet, the true impact is revealed in the unfolding moments after they depart.

Leadership Coach Michael serves as a catalyst for change with his compelling narrative. His valuable insights empower the audience to translate inspiration into tangible reality, aligning it with their unique aspirations. Michael brings a blend of strategic coaching and high-impact motivation to the forefront, honed over two decades of coaching top performers across diverse fields.

As the author of multiple best-selling books, including “Break The Bottle,” Michael is sought after as a speaker, coach, consultant, and mentor. His objective is to foster a lasting and meaningful transformation that extends well beyond the stage, igniting positive change in the lives of those who encounter his keynote presentations.

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  • Resilient Identity Activation: Michael’s core philosophy centers around removing barriers to BREAKING THE BOTTLE” and activating a “RESILIENT IDENTITY,” with an instinctual pursuit of leadership excellence towards your personal lives, careers, or businesses. He will show your audience how to tap into this innate drive to achieve extraordinary results.
  • Expertise in Professional and Personal Development: Beyond mere motivation, Michael excels at unlocking your leadership potential and monetizing intellectual property. He will empower your audience to harness their unique skills and knowledge for maximum impact and profit.
  • Engaging and Interactive: Leadership Coach Michael delivers dynamic and interactive presentations. He captivates the audience with compelling stories, real-world examples, and practical exercises that engage and inspire.
  • Customized Content: Each event is distinctive. Leadership Coach Michael tailors his content to resonate with your event’s theme and objectives, guaranteeing a personalized experience for your audience.



Leadership Coach Michael will get your audience motivated, prepare them to take action and keep them talking about their amazing experience at the event long after the event is done.


Personal & Professional Development is the first part to creating your team’s unique competitive advantage. It’s the key to getting everyone aligned to your companies’ initiatives, mission and goals.


With over 2+ decades of experience as both a speaker and an online personality, Leadership Coach Michael possesses a distinct skill in delivering his message with unwavering conviction, whether on stage or through digital platforms.



How To Shatter Limiting Beliefs and Limitations in Life and Business

Ideal Audience: Corporate, Veterans/Military, Youth, Athletes and General Audience can be tailored for Leadership, Sales, and your Specific Industry.

Value: The “BREAK THE BOTTLE” keynote speech is designed to empower individuals and organizations to break through limiting beliefs and barriers that impede growth. By addressing the psychological and emotional factors behind self-imposed limitations, Michael offers practical strategies and actionable insights to foster resilience, innovation, and success. This speech is particularly valuable for leaders, entrepreneurs, and teams aiming to unlock their full potential and achieve exceptional performance. Michael’s approach combines psychological insights, leadership principles, and practical strategies to transform mindsets and inspire actionable change.

Executive Summary: In “BREAK THE BOTTLE,” Michael dives deep into the concept of limiting beliefs and how they act as invisible barriers preventing individuals from reaching their true potential. Drawing from his extensive experience as a leadership coach, combat veteran, and Business CEO, Michael shares compelling stories through a blend of storytelling, psychological insights, and leadership principles and real-world examples to illustrate the impact of these beliefs on personal and professional growth. He then guides the audience through a transformative process to identify, challenge, and shatter these mental constraints, replacing them with empowering beliefs and a growth mindset.
In the keynote speech “BREAK THE BOTTLE,” Michael Allison addresses the pervasive issue of limiting beliefs and their detrimental impact on personal and professional growth. Limiting beliefs are often deep-seated convictions that constrain our abilities and potential, acting as invisible barriers that prevent us from achieving our true aspirations. Michael shares powerful anecdotes and real-life examples to illustrate how limiting beliefs can manifest in various aspects of life and business. He emphasizes the importance of identifying these beliefs and understanding their influence on our thoughts, behaviors, and outcomes. Michael captivates the audience, making the concept of limiting beliefs relatable and impactful. This keynote is designed to inspire and equip attendees with the tools they need to break free from limitations and thrive in any environment.

Michael’s Delivery Outcome: Michael’s delivery is engaging, motivating, and transformational. By the end of the speech, attendees will:

  1. Recognize and understand their limiting beliefs and how they have been holding them back.
  2. Implement practical strategies to overcome these limitations and develop a resilient mindset.
  3. Foster a culture of continuous improvement and innovation within their teams or organizations.
  4. Set ambitious goals and pursue them with confidence and determination.
  5. Cultivate a supportive network that encourages growth and success.

Attendees will leave with a clear, step-by-step plan to implement the insights and strategies discussed, ensuring that the impact extends beyond the event itself. The ultimate goal is to empower individuals to take control of their lives and careers, unlocking their full potential. Michael’s compelling storytelling, drawn from his personal experiences and professional journey, will motivate and energize the audience, providing them with concrete techniques for breaking down mental barriers and fostering a growth mindset.

Takeaways: In this program, you’ll learn…

  • Identifying Limiting Beliefs: Understand the nature of limiting beliefs and how they form. Learn techniques to uncover and articulate these beliefs in oneself and others.
  • Challenging and Reframing Beliefs: Discover methods to critically assess and question the validity of limiting beliefs. Practice reframing these beliefs into empowering, growth-oriented perspectives.
  • Building Resilience and Mental Toughness: Gain insights into building mental resilience to face and overcome challenges. Develop habits and practices that strengthen mental toughness and adaptability.
  • Creating a Vision for Success: Learn how to set clear, ambitious goals that align with personal and professional aspirations. Explore the importance of visualization and strategic planning in achieving these goals.
  • Cultivating a Supportive Environment: Understand the role of a positive and encouraging network in personal and professional development. Learn strategies to build and maintain a supportive community that fosters growth and success.


UN-Leashing, UN-Locking and UN-Bounding Your Leadership Potential in Today’s World of Technology and Ambiguity

Ideal Audience: Corporate, Military/Veterans, Youth, Athletes and General Audiences; and can be tailored for Leadership, Sales, and your Specific Industry.

Value: In this compelling keynote speech, Michael Allison presents “THE UN-LEADERSHIP,” offering the audience a unique perspective and thought-provoking exploration on leadership in the modern era characterized by ambiguity and uncertainty with the wave of AI Technology. The value derived from this speech lies in the empowerment of individuals to unshackle their leadership potential, providing practical insights and strategies to navigate the complexities of today’s dynamic world. The audience will gain a profound understanding of unorthodox leadership approaches, through a journey of self-discovery enabling them to thrive in an environment marked by ambiguity. “THE UN-LEADERSHIP” equips individuals with the skills to unleash their latent leadership potential, unlocking new possibilities and unbounding their capacity to lead effectively. 

Executive Summary: Michael’s keynote speech, “The UN-Leadership,” embarks on a transformative journey, guiding individuals to discover their untapped leadership potential in today’s ambiguous world with technology. Through this empowering session, attendees will learn innovative strategies to “UN-leash, UN-lock, and UN-bound” their leadership abilities. Michael delves deep into the essence of leadership, unveiling unorthodox methods to navigate uncertainty, break barriers, and harness untapped capabilities. 

“THE UN-LEADERSHIP” goes beyond traditional leadership paradigms, offering a transformative experience that empowers individuals to unleash their leadership potential, unlock new possibilities, and unbound their capacity to lead effectively in the face of ambiguity. Michael Allison’s unique insights and engaging presentation style make this keynote speech a catalyst for personal and professional growth in today’s unpredictable world.

Attendees will be equipped with actionable insights, tools, and a renewed mindset to step beyond conventional boundaries, embracing ambiguity as a catalyst for growth and innovation. This speech promises a dynamic, thought-provoking experience that inspires individuals to redefine their leadership approach and emerge as empowered, visionary leaders.

Michael’s Delivery Outcome: In this powerful and soul-shaking program, “THE UN-LEADERSHIP: UN-leashing, UN-locking and UN-bounding your leadership potential in today’s world of ambiguity” Michael shares his conviction to shine our brightest in the light. Learn the three phases of the “3-D Method” — Decision – Direction – Destination and how world class achievers utilize them to access levels of success in their career, their relationships, and in life that 99% of people never experience. Michael’s engaging delivery blends humor, wisdom, and real-world experiences, creating an atmosphere that encourages individuals to rethink their leadership approaches.

Takeaways: In this program, you’ll learn…

  • Innovative Leadership Approaches: Uncover unconventional methods to approach leadership challenges in an ambiguous world, fostering creativity and innovation.
  • Unlocking Potential: Learn strategies to unlock and harness latent leadership potential, empowering individuals to transcend limitations and excel in their roles.
  • Adaptive Mindset: Develop an adaptive mindset equipped to navigate uncertainty, transforming ambiguity into opportunities for growth and development.
  • Breaking Conventional Boundaries: Embrace a paradigm shift by breaking free from traditional leadership paradigms, fostering a culture of daring exploration and progressive change.
  • Actionable Tools: Gain practical tools and actionable insights to apply immediately, fostering a renewed approach to leadership that transcends limitations.

Get ready to embark on a transformative experience that will equip you with the tools and mindset necessary to conquer your greatest aspirations.

Speaking Topics


Learn how to gain and maintain the ability to lead and influence yourself, a group of people, members of an organization, society, or team. Leadership Coach Michael teaches how to create productive patterns with you and your team that increases your company’s culture and each team member’s output.


Leadership Coach Michael emphasizes that recognizing and conquering life's trials and tribulations serve as vital preparation for overcoming future obstacles. Through his teachings, he empowers individuals to build resilience and strength, equipping them to face challenges with confidence and determination. Embracing life's struggles becomes a transformative process that enables individuals to thrive in the face of adversity and achieve their goals.


Elevate your event with a motivational speaker who will leave your audience feeling empowered, inspired, and ready to take action long after the event ends. Don’t miss the chance to give your attendees an unforgettable experience they’ll be talking about for years to come.


Leadership Coach Michael's signature keynotes explore the behavior chain of thoughts, imposter syndrome, actions, and limiting beliefs. He delves into how individuals can reprogram these aspects to align with their desired outcomes by understanding the process of making mindset shifts. Through his engaging presentations, Michael empowers his audience to gain insights into their mental patterns, enabling them to take charge of their mindset and pave the way for success.


Leadership Coach Michael teaches professional development that focuses on acquiring the knowledge and skills that can improve your efficiency at work and he teaches personal growth that helps to look at developing your communication and social skills, including aspects of emotional well-being.


Navigating the Path to Success, Leadership Coach Michael will provide invaluable insights and guidance to veterans transitioning out of the military. Michael's impactful message aims to equip veterans with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive in their civilian lives, empowering them to overcome challenges and embark on a successful journey beyond the military.


Often, because of misconceptions about mental health, mental fitness and PTSD, people often suffer in silence and their conditions go untreated. Leadership Coach Michael helps to raise awareness about the importance of mental health in our lives, with family, the workplace and business.


True diversity, equity and inclusion happens when we create opportunities for everyone. Learn the power of communication, inclusion, connected culture, empathy and understanding as a form of identifying with your co-workers and team.

Serving At The Highest Level

Whether you are looking for a speaker to motivate a stadium of 20,000 sales consultants, at risk youths looking for hope and inspiration or coach an executive boardroom of 10, Michael delivers a tailored message that impacts each individual — leaving them with the tools to create lasting change.



Understand why Michael is the perfect fit for your audience, from the people who have hired him before.

Sarah K.
Read More
Michael's keynote speech was a game-changer for our conference. His ability to connect with the audience and deliver powerful insights left everyone inspired and motivated.
John M.
Read More
Michael's keynote address was the highlight of our event. His dynamic delivery and thought-provoking content resonated deeply with our attendees, sparking meaningful conversations long after the conference ended.
Emily P.
Read More
As a keynote speaker, Michael Allison exceeded our expectations. His energy, expertise, and passion for leadership were palpable, leaving a lasting impression on our audience.
David L.
Read More
Michael's keynote presentation was incredibly impactful. His stories were relatable, his insights were profound, and his delivery was engaging. Our audience left feeling empowered and ready to take on new challenges.
Jennifer S.
Read More
Michael Allison's keynote speech was the highlight of our corporate retreat. His ability to blend inspiration with practical strategies left a lasting impact on our team, motivating them to strive for excellence.
Mark H.
Read More
Michael's keynote address was exactly what our organization needed. His ability to distill complex leadership concepts into actionable steps was remarkable. Our team left feeling energized and equipped to tackle any challenge.
Jessica R.
Read More
I had the pleasure of attending Michael's keynote speech, and it was truly transformative. His insights into effective leadership were eye-opening, and his passion for empowering others was infectious.
Alex B.
Read More
Michael's keynote presentation was both enlightening and entertaining. His anecdotes were engaging, and his message resonated with everyone in the audience. I highly recommend him as a keynote speaker.
Laura W.
Read More
Michael Allison's keynote speech was the highlight of our annual conference. His ability to connect with the audience on a personal level while delivering powerful leadership lessons was exceptional.
Chris T.
Read More
Michael's keynote address was a breath of fresh air. His authenticity, charisma, and depth of knowledge were evident from the moment he stepped onto the stage. I left feeling inspired and motivated to become a better leader.


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